"The goal when developing these exercises was to provide the building blocks to teach kids how to play soccer using the correct technique. Proper technique is critical to mastering these skills, and sometimes it can be difficult for kids to remember when they are off the soccer field and away from practice. Giving kids the opportunity to watch the clips in real time while they practice at home or with friends goes a long way in reinforcing the skills. I highly recommend these apps to youth soccer players who want to improve their game"

- Marcelo Balboa

These instructional soccer training videos are perfect for youth soccer players, including their parents and coaches. Now you can have Marcelo as your personal soccer coach to learn skills such as passing technique, bending, driving/striking, heading, juggling, trapping and receiving! All these segments are included as soccer training videos in the soccer skills mobile app.

Our other app, youth soccer conditioning, has the same high quality video but features Marcelo with Jenny Jurkowski, a certified personal trainer, a Division I soccer player, and a United States Soccer Federation Certified coach (Level C coaching license). This app will be your training soccer video guide for warm-ups, dynamic stretching, strength, agility with and without the ball, and straight ahead speed. All these exercises can easily be practiced at home or on the field! The apps are only $2.99 each!

Also Available

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Soccer Skills Lite